Arriving in Whistler

Home sweet home, well at least it felt like that anyway. Whistler is where Mark and I met in 1996, so for us it is like a homecoming. It is also where our good friends Pam and Wayne (+ Cassidy, Chantal, JJ), Yo and Derek (+Loki and Freya), Shelley and Sean (+ Jade and Yuba) and Ralph and Steph (+ Jack and Liam) live, all in the same complex. It was great staying with Yo and Derek, and catching up with the gang, and all the new kids that are now on the scene. We did lots of walks along the valley trail, ticked off a few important ‘Canada must do’ items on the To Do list – eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (yes I found a straight vanilla, after I was devastated they had delisted my favourite Rainforest Crunch), had an Ingrid’s Veggie Burger, ate a Cow’s Ice Cream, hiked through the Lost Lake trails and mountain biked.


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