Hiking the Chief and other adventures

This week has been great, starting with watching Yolanda being presented her Canadian citizenship. It was quite the ceremony, with a Lebanese-Canadian Mounty and a crazy judge talking about it being your wedding day, as you are getting married to Canada. The judge made a speech about this was the fulfillment of everyone’s dream etc., I see it as getting shorter line ups at the border.

Mark and I are trying to get fit before the ski season, which is scheduled to start Nov 23rd, only weeks away now. We have been going for daily walks in Stanley Park, and Friday night we watched one of my new favourite TV shows ‘Men In Trees’. This show is from the guys that did Sex in The City, and the show is based in Alaska, and is similar to my old favourite, Northern Exposure. We were watching the show, then saw all these sites of Squamish, including the Chief, the the pub The Chieftain, featured in the show, and decided that on Saturday we just had to hike The Chief. The Stawamus Chief is the second largest granite monolith in the world, and its peak is 700m above sea level. Believe me, it was quite the hike, it was either stairs or a granite scramble, including ladders and climbing up a rock face with a chain hand rail. On the way up it was 100% uphill, no flats, and then down was all down. It actually reminded me of climbing Uluru (back when it was OK to climb it), although this was a much harder climb, or maybe I just felt it more 18 years later and 20 kilos heavier. We are both feeling it now, but hey, no pain, no gain.

I was also fortunate enough to be invited to a night with Shelley’s Female Entrepreneurs group, this time it was a social night at the Aveda shop, it was hard mingling and getting a makeover, then going out for martini’s, life sure is rough.

We have now got all of the relevant documentation for us to register our car and get our BC licences, so wish me luck as I sit my written and drivers test tomorrow!


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