Autumn in British Columbia

The leaves are really beautiful, all turning yellow and orange, not quite the reds like you get in Ontario, but really amazing all the same. The air is cool and crisp, and there is snow on the top of the local Vancouver mountains. Whistler has now had the first snowfall down to the village, lets hope there is more to come as season opening weekend is in three weeks.

Well, Mark and I feel like we are making some progress. This week we were finally able to transfer our ‘Big Red’ minivan from Ontario to BC, and also into our names, as we got our BC licences!! Mark just reinstated his from 9 years ago, after a fax from the RTA showing his drivers record from Australia. Unfortunately because I haven’t had a BC licence before, I had to go through the stress of the written test AND drivers test! I never expected to have to do my drivers test again, I mean I have had 15 years of bad habits to correct in one day. Luckily I had a few good words of advice from other Aussie’s in Whistler that have had to go through this, like having to shoulder check on every turn, plus a great instructor (Mark) and a nice driving examiner. Her main comment at the end was ‘you can actually drive at the speed limit’ as I was a bit slow watching for the pedestrians (they have right of way at any intersection), playground and school zones, but hey, good result in the end. Although after sitting my written test they did confiscate my NSW licence, I can pick it up once my BC licence arrives. Next on the list are jobs then a place to rent.

On Monday we had a great day in Whistler, the fall trees were beautiful, and luckily our friend Shelley had the day off, so we spent some great time with her and Jade at Edgewater, on Green Lake and also Rainbow Park.

We have also been applying online to companies that we would like to work for, hopefully something will come up soon. Apart from that we have been for a few walks in Stanley Park, I must say our legs were quite sore for a few days after hiking the Chief last weekend.

I am a bit excited about this week, as it is Halloween over here, which is a lot of fun. We are going up to stay at Shelley and Sean’s, and will hopefully go trick or treating with them and our little friends Chantal, Cassidy and JJ. We don’t have any costumes as yet, but who knows.

Also, Shelley has agreed to accompany me at the Whistler Cornucopia. This is a very exciting event at Whistler for a 3 day wine fest on Nov 9-12th. Different wine companies host seminars, dinners, lunches, tastings etc., so I hope to go along and make some good contacts, and learn a bit about my wine passion, in Canada. We are going to the seminars ‘Taste of BC Wine’, ‘Varietal series tasting’, ‘Taste of Australia’ and ‘Cheese Please’.

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Click on my photo in the leaves to see other Autumn photos.


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