Settling down in Vancouver

Well, this week has been another great week. It is definitely getting colder, and the need for Vancouver’ attire has come – yes I spent about $200 on two new hats, new gloves, scarves and stockings. We can’t wait for our boxes to arrive as we know we have a gorgeous Champagne Deutz golf umbrella or two which will be very handy on the rainy days.

This week I was working on a contract basis for a really cool Marketing agency called On Track Media. They do all sorts of marketing work for various companies of all types of businesses – mining, telephone, software, BC medical association… I spent most of the week writing promotional material for a new software product launch, aimed at local councils across North America. It was actually very interesting, quite a bit different that writing brochures and website content for wine – no mention of complex bouquets, intense climate conditions, ideal food matches, delicate bouquets or free draining soil types in site!

Mark is busy looking for Engineering positions and searching for apartments for us to rent. This weekend we saw about 10 places, some didn’t like cats, but they just haven’t met Bruce and Sheila. Some were about the same size as a shoebox, but one was really nice. It is a 2 bedroom (yes we will be able to have guests!), newly renovated, garden patio with amazing views of the city and local mountains, right next to Granville Island. We find out tomorrow night if it’s ours, then hopefully we can move in Nov 15th. We will miss being near Stanley Park, but if we just walk across the bridge we will be on the seawall which leads to the park.

Vancouver is an amazing city to walk around, a lot of people live in the downtown district, amongst office buildings, and there are always people around, whatever time of day or night. It’s an incredible walking city, we don’t take out the car unless we are going up to Squamish or Whistler. Walking is just too handy. One thing that has surprised us is the huge amount of homeless people. They are everywhere, lying on the street, going through the recycling to claim the refunds, on most downtown street corners.

Something that is quite exciting here is that the Winter Olympics (or just the Olympics to any Canadian, the summer ones don’t count here) are in Vancouver and Whistler in 2010. There is quite a lot of construction going on, we went right past the venue for the Olympic village today, it is a cleared piece of land right on False Creek, next to the downtown. It will be really cool to be living in the city of the Olympics twice within 10 years! I’ll be buying tickets as soon as they are available.

Anyway, this week will be pretty good, working at the marketing agency, then going up to Whistler for the Cornucopia Wine Festival. We will also have a night out with Jade, she really is a cool kid, we’ll go out to a sushi restaurant and see how much green tea ice cream she can eat. Sean and Shelley have tickets to the hockey (that’s ice hockey for Aussie’s), so they have trusted us with the little cutie. We also should be getting our boxes this week, so that will be nice, the wine has arrived, but not cleared customs yet, maybe another week or so.


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