Water, Water everywhere, and not a drop to spare!

This week has been pretty crazy, for two reasons. First of all, we found a really nice apartment to move into, and secondly Vancouver has had crazy storms drenching the city with mudslides and floods.

Our apartment is fantastic, we moved in on Monday, then on Friday we finally had our stuff arrive from Australia, plus our new King bed. Our apartment has just been renovated, has 2 bedrooms, underground parking, storage room, plus the best thing is the huge garden patio/balcony. It is in a good location, just across the Granville Bridge from the city, so quite central, and a quick stroll to pretty Granville Island. This place comes alive on the weekends with a very active craft and farmers market, and is the cultural centre for Vancouver. I never realised it before, but you need lots of storage in Canada as you need two sets of clothes and toys for the summer and winter.

We are still in a state of chaos, with boxes everywhere, but at least we are sleeping on a bed now, the blow up mattress was ok, but not that great. We now even have a lamp, which feels quite luxurious, as only the kitchen and hall have ceiling lights. We got a bargain of a 3 seat sofa from a second hand shop down the road, it’s a La-Z-Boy with a recliner chair on both ends, looks new, and is chocolate brown microsuede. Mark wanted to get all the furniture second hand, but luckily for me, retro is in, which means all the old stuff is now expensive, and Ikea is not far away, cheaper, better quality, and more esthetically pleasing in my opinion. We don’t yet have a phone, internet, radio or TV, they will hopefully be coming soon. It’s funny but the only thing I actually miss is the internet.

Second major event of the week is Vancouver’s storms. Vancouver actually gets about the same annual rainfall as Sydney, but normally it’s a light mist type rain. This week we saw the rain that causes flash flooding in Sydney, plus 100km/h winds. On Wednesday I was pushing my trolley across the carpark and my bucket and clothes hamper were picked up and flew across the carpark by the breeze, luckily not hitting any cars or people. Anyway, Thursday morning I thought it was funny that the water out of the tap was cloudy when I filled the kettle, had my cup of tea, then regretted it for the rest of the day as I had to stay near the toilet. I called the building supervisor as the water out of the tap was now brown, and he said hadn’t I heard about the public announcement not to drink the water until further notice, as there had been mudslides in the reservoirs. Uh, no, I had not heard as we haven’t yet got radio, TV, internet etc. but I quickly stocked up on Evian before they all sold out of bottled water from 4 stores. So 2.2 million Vancouverites are boiling their water for 10 mins or having punch ups and queuing for bottled water deliveries at supermarkets.

Another event this week was that Mark now is working full time at Best Buy, which is a large Electronic/Appliance store near us. It is pretty cool as they will be giving him great deals on all our stuff that we have to buy, like TV, DVD player, speakers, radio, microwave etc. He just needs to wait to get his employee card. He is still looking for an Engineering job, but that is going to take a while. I have two interviews with wine companies this week, plus possibly some more temp work for the marketing agency, and lots of unpacking and more furniture shopping to do.

Answer to last week’s question: What is estimated as BC’s largest industry?
Pot – and not the kitchen saucepan variety. Forestry is the largest industry officially, but pot is apparently grown in many people’s basements or ‘grow-ups’ as they are called. Allegedly you can smell it on most street corners, as it is similar to Canberra, you are allowed to have small amounts on you for personal use. From an agricultural perspective I am guessing the climate is conducive to vigorous growth.

New trivia question of the week: What industry is hardest hit with the unsafe water in BC?

a) Medical
b) Restaurants
c) Fishing
d) Coffee shops – Starbuck’s & Tim Horton’s

Click on ‘Add a comment’ below and tell us your answer.


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