Yes, I am a bit excited as this week I was hired by Mission Hill Winery to be their new Brand Manager, looking after their Mission Hill Brand plus other premium VQA (Vinters Quality Alliance) wine brands. It is fantastic as it is similar to what I was doing in Sydney with Montana, but I will have more responsibility and work closer with the winery. Mission Hill is a privately owned winery, and they were telling me has a culture of being ‘fast moving, entrepreneurial’. They also showed this by putting a contract in front of me within 4 days of my first interview! I called my old boss in Sydney, and were laughing as they have just filled my old position, with the new person just signing their contract now(over 3 months down the track). My first day will be on Thursday Nov 30th, which means I have only a few days left to get in some good mid-week turns at Whistler.

Another major event for us this week is that we have had TWO WHOLE DAYS without rain! Yesterday we went up to Whistler, so of course had only snow falling all day, then today we woke up in Vancouver to sunshine and you could see the snow capped local mountains. True to Vancouver form the clouds rolled in by morning tea, but then it snowed instead of rained! Unbelievable, I know everyone said get used to the rain, but after every day for 2 months it was a bit drab to say the least.

Anyway, Whistler was completely amazing, they have had the best opening in years, with over 300cm of snow falling in November, so the there was plenty of snow and it was powdery dry. Of course Mark couldn’t help but laugh about the ‘similarities’ between here and Smiggins. When we were driving up to Whistler there was snow on the ground about an hour away, when we pulled into Smiggins 8 years ago there was barely snow next to the car park at the bottom of the ski runs.

We are very lucky to have good friends like Pam and Wayne, who have lent both of us ski’s, and Mark a pair of ski boots. Wayne says he has 7 other pairs of ski’s, so will not miss them! He is a Ski Instructor though with good pro rates on skis. I liked Pam’s ski’s as they are purple (imagine that!) so match my ski jacket and pants, if you can’t ski like a pro you may as well look good! Also a new phenomenon is that everyone wears helmets, it makes sense though, if you wear a helmet for riding a bike or a horse, why wouldn’t you wear one skiing? So I have swapped Wayne a bottle of Penfolds for his spare helmet, and it’s actually keeps your head warm as well as protects it. Skiing in Whistler was amazing, we met Sean and little Jade just after lunch, and I had some fun with Jade making ‘pizza pies’ and ‘French Fries’ – snowplough and parallel skiing, and Sean took Mark for some ‘old school skiing’ as he calls it. Sean is an ex ski-racer and now part time instructor for Extremely Canadian, so took Mark for a work out, hiking up to some untouched gems, powder skiing in the trees, all a bit beyond me (but hopefully not by the end of the season). As usual we ended up staying for dinner with them and going to Samurai Sushi at Nesters, a great little sushi bar where Jade can eat her weight in green tea ice cream. Shelley couldn’t join us as she was in Portugal, at the annual get together for Golf Tour Operators, yes she does put in the hours but has some nice perks.

This week we plan on going to Mark’s work Christmas Party (Best Buy electronics store) on Sunday night, then go up to Whistler Monday morning and stay overnight and ski Tuesday as well. The snow is amazing, powdery dry, hardly any international tourists as it’s early season, and no weekend crowds. So, life is good, with a good balance between my two favourite things in life – wine and skiing (of course not including family and friends – well maybe).

Answer to last weeks question:
What was the industry most effected by the boil water advisory?
Coffee shops – Vancouver is the coffee capital of Canada, as it is within 4 hours drive of Seattle, and has Starbucks on opposite corners of intersections in the downtown district, plus every other intersection has either a Blenz or a Second Cup coffee shop. At least Vancouver people are more likely to have espresso coffee, which is a lot better than drip filter coffee.

Yes – we are still unable to drink the tap water, or wash our food in it, or brush our teeth with it. Evian would be just loving it, I think people are getting used to it now, I haven’t heard of any punch ups over water at the supermarket for at least a few days.

Question of the week
On average – which city has the most annual rainfall – Sydney or Vancouver?

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