First Week on the Job

The snow continues to fall, but luckily the boil water advisory has been lifted, although the water is still quite silty. We are still drinking bottled water as a precaution.

Well, the first week on the job has been fun, only being two days in the working week also helped! I have been looking over company documents, meeting lots of people. asking lots of questions, the usual thing. Last night we were ‘sampling’ our wines at an Aveda spa event, it was the search for the West Coast Woman of the year, and Aveda had all sorts of hand scrubs, manicures, makeovers, massages all on for lucky guests. So we were pouring wine, talking to people, and of course going for pampering sessions!

The snow is melting but there is still snow on the sidewalks and side roads, and it’s cold but not as cold. It makes a high of 5 degrees seem positively balmy! It was crazy driving through Vancouver during the week, the city only has 30 snowploughs, so only the major roads had a chance of being cleared, the sideroads still have lots of snow on them.

Not much to report, hopefully I’ll go for a ski this weekend with my friends in Whistler.

Answer to last weeks question:
Which city has the highest annual rainfall, Sydney or Vancouver?

Sydney actually has a higher annual rainfall 1221mm, versus Vancouver at 1117mm, but Vancouver has more rainy days, especially Nov- Jan which has 73% wet days (versus Seattle at 60%). Mark says every day is wet as the humidity is high, even if there is no visible rain.

This weeks question:

‘Which country was awarded ‘Best Worldwide Shiraz’ at the London International Wine Show’ in 2005?

To answer, just click on Add a Comment, ignore URL request.


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