Second Week on the Job

Yes I am getting a bit lazy, it’s been a week and half now since I have updated the blog. Work is going really well, still a little hazy on the details but I am loving working for Mission Hill winery. On Monday we went up to the winery for the day to discuss our vintage makes for the next two years with the winemaking team. The Okanagan valley is really spectacular, beautiful rolling hills gently coming down to the lake. Snow on the vines, but all looks well, they just picked the ice wine harvest at -20 degrees, so should be a good vintage for 2006. Still weird to think of vintage in October-November, when I am used to March-April. The winery is really impressive, and we got to taste some really amazing Pinot Noir’s, Merlot’s, Gewurzt’s, Pinot Blanc’s and icewine’s of the upcoming vintages, all good of course.

Work is going well but really busy, first week in the job and I have been working on Brand Plans and customer presentations, nothing like a baptism of fire!

Last night my friend Pammy came down from Whistler, she had been doing christmas shopping in Washington state for the day, then had dinner with me and bought a computer off Mark on the way home!

Also I found out today that our friend Jenny is coming over for 10 days in March and Mum and Dad are maybe coming over in May. We will go skiing with Jenny and hopefully do some walking in parks and a little trip with the parents – maybe Vancouver Island or the Okanagan. On second thoughts, they can go to the Island during the week, and I’ll take Dad to the winery, there are so many pipes there it will be a plumber’s dream!

Answer to last week’s question: Best Shiraz in the world last year was actually an Okanagan Shiraz at a competitor’s winery, Jackson Trigg’s, it tastes just like a good bold Australian Shiraz.

Which Hollywood star is also the grandson of the founder of the Canadian medicare system?
• Kiefer Sutherland
• Michael J Fox
• Keanu Reeves
• Raymond Massey


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