‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house…

Yes hard to believe it’s the week before Christmas. I know the stores have had their decorations up since October, but it still doesn’t feel like Christmas should be here yet. The lights really are beautiful against the snow, even just in the cool nights.

Work is very busy for both of us at the moment, December is the largest month of the year for Best Buy, so Mark is run off his feet with computers, TV’s, camera’s etc. After being at Mission Hill for 2 weeks I am halfway through writing Brand Plans for my main two brands, Mission Hill and Wild Horse Canyon. It is quite challenging, as not only am I still getting to know the brands, the industry and market is quite different to Australia. They have different pricing across each province, different taxes, different laws, different everything! It really is like selling to 7 countries, not 7 provincial groups. Also we have different distributors for some of the Eastern provinces.

We had another wild week in Vancouver, on Thursday night we had a storm with winds up to 160km/hr come through the city, blowing down many trees, blocking main roads and bridges, and taking down the power yet again. At least we can drink the water now.

On Saturday morning we went for a walk along the waterfront at Kitsilano Beach, and saw some outrigger canoes go by, with the snowcapped mountains in the background, it was very nice, but they have got to be cold. We used to stop paddling in June – Sept, as Pittwater got cold, it must have been at least as low as 10 degrees out!

Wednesday night is our team Christmas Party, just up the street at Quattro’s restaurant, it should be really great as our partners are invited as well. Our friend Shelley has invited us up to Whistler for Christmas, which should be FANTASTIC! Mark just has to make sure that he is not working late on Christmas Eve, as she has planned a party for all our friends. Unfortunately we have to come home Christmas Evening as Mark starts work at 5am on Boxing Day, as Best Buy opens at 6am with a crazy sale, people line up for most of the night to be first in.

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Mum and Dad have some mangoes for me, Jules and Tim have a Riccadonna Razzler and some prawns in the spa, washed down with a Corona, for us.

Trivia Question: Which Hollywood star is also the grandson of the founder of the Canadian medicare system?
The correct answer was Kiefer Sutherland.
Kiefer Sutherland’s mother is actress Shirley Douglas, the daughter of Tommy Douglas, former Saskatchewan Premier and former leader of the federal NDP. His father is actor Donald Sutherland. Tommy Douglas died in 1986.
This week’s question:The Canadian Pacific Railway was begun as an inducement to persuade one province to enter Confederation. Which province was this?

A) Ontario
B) British Columbia
C) Newfoundland
D) Quebec

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