First week of the new year..

Happy New Year to all! Mark and I saw the new year in with some zzzzzzzz’s from bed, I unfortunately had a bad cold that went into a chest infection, and stayed in bed most of the long weekend. We watched West Wing DVD’s from bed, with our laptop at the foot of the bed. It has been our routine, since we don’t have a TV yet, we do watch a few DVDs on our laptop. We have the first 6 seasons of West Wing, and we are watching them all again, and are up to the third season, before we buy season 7, the final season. It is actually better watching it the second time, as they do foreshadow quite a bit of the storyline.

Not much happened this week, I worked from home on Tuesday trying to get better, and each day has luckily seen an improvement. We have been lucky and have actually seen glimpses of the sun this week. Never for a whole day, but it is nice when it comes out. We went for a walk at lunchtime this week and it was glorious, except we were nearly blown sideways with the wind, there were whitecaps on the Fraser River next to our office.

Mark’s work is getting more quiet as the buzz from Boxing Week sales are over. We are on our yearly get fit and lose weight resolution, it’s a Smith family goal this year, between Mark’s family we have vowed to lose a combined 60kg by June!

This week I am going to the Hockey, to see the Canucks play the Minnesota Wild, which should be really exciting as they are both leading the Northwest conference. It is a ‘work’ event, we are taking the Whistler Blackcomb Hospitality team so it should be a very ‘productive’ session!

Last week’s question: How many Canadian’s hit the shops on Boxing Day?

A) 6 million – over $2 billion spent in one day
B) 10 million
C) 2 million
D) 1 million

This week’s question: The Canadian junior hockey team just won the World Title in Europe, what does this make for them?

A) 18 consecutive victories and three world titles in a row
B) A bunch of good guys that are now allowed to return to Canada
C) 12 consecutive victories and two world titles in a row
D) Yeah – but can they play cricket?


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