Perfect ski weekend

Yes it’s been a while since I have blogged, but I’ve travelled and presented to our sales teams now in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary and had a fabulous weekend in Toronto and in Whistler.

Two weeks ago we had our quarterly sales meetings in the three main provinces, so presented to the teams in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. This was a great opportunity to have a lovely weekend with Mark’s family in Toronto, unfortunately he had to work in Vancouver, so couldn’t make it, but it was fun all the same. Paul and Vicki had Janet and myself for the weekend, and we went out with Robyn on Friday night to a new and happening restaurant called Trevor’s Kitchen. Saturday morning was Declan’s swimming lessons, then in the afternoon we went for a stroll at -8 degrees, which with wind chill was -16 degrees! Very, very chilly indeed. Click here to see Declan’s videos, click here to see the photos.

Work is very busy, but as we are a sponsor of the Vancouver Opera we poured our wines at the dress rehearsal of their new performance of The Magic Flute. It was an amazing opera, with a First Nations twist to it, they consulted with 10 First Nation people’s and had music, costumes and language with a Native flair.

Last weekend I was in the right place at the right time. Whistler Winetastic was held on Friday, so I worked at the Westin in Whistler pouring wines for a wine tasting and catching up with friends, as well as staying at the best hotel in Whistler. Shelley and Jade joined me for a swim in the hotel between wine tastings, and Shelley came to the tasting and helped out, plus showed us around a few bars afterward!

On Saturday I went skiing with Foz, Pammy and Yolanda, and had the best ski so far! The conditions were perfect for me, a balmy 5 degrees at the top thanks to an inversion (-1 at the village), and blue sunny sky for both days! The Whistler locals were down in the dumps as they had gone a whole 3 days without snow falling (SPOILT!!). I actually preferred it as it made my friends ski runs that I actually prefer – groomed fast runs with lots of turns! Saturday night Pam and I took the gondola up the top of Whistler for the annual Whistler Blackcomb Foundation dinner, where we sponsored the evening with our wines, and a few silent auction prizes. I stayed at Pam and Wayne’s new house, it was awesome!

On Sunday we had a leisurely start with breakfast at McKeevers with Shelley, Jade and Sean, it was lovely, just what we needed before a ski day. Another perfect day, Jade took us to the Haunted Castle on Blackcomb, and with a few tips from Sean (an Extremely Canadian ski instructor and ex-racer) I was carving big GS turns like never before. It did help that I had bribed Wayne to tune my ski’s the night before. The snow was hard packed, so the ski’s needed to have their edges sharpened, and it was amazing. We also stayed up the top while the lifts closed, had a beer on the sunny Rendezvous deck, then skied down deserted runs. It certainly was a lot less stressful. Even with 3 bodyguards Jade still had some mad snowboarders coming way too close, they were oblivious of course.

Mark was of course working on the weekend, so couldn’t join us. Hopefully he will have some weekends off soon and we can go for a ski. Alternatively we could do a night ski at Cypress or Grouse, we can see the lit ski runs from our balcony at night.

This weekend Shelley and Jade are coming to stay for a weekend in Vancouver, and go to the Vancouver Opera dress rehearsal of the opera school’s version of the Magic Flute, with 10 First Nations involved in the production.


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