Visit with Janet

The second week of Janet’s visit has been a fun one. The weather has been typically Vancouver crappy, raining every day, between 0 – 10 degrees celsius. The trees are starting to bud, and the bulbs are all shooting up from the ground, there are lovely daffodils, crocuses, tulips etc. all shooting.

We went out for our 9 year Anniversary dinner on Wednesday night to a lovely restaurant called ‘Zin’. Then on Thursday Mark had a day off and our bunk bed frames were put together for our spare room. The mattresses arrived and Janet had a bed instead of an air mattress for three nights!

Mark and Janet putting together bunk bed frames.

We also got some lovely bedside lamps that are really cute.

On Friday I took the day off and we went up to Whistler for some skiing. The snow is absolutely amazing, 3m in depth now, with snowfalls about either everyday or every second day, it really is an epic season. We parked at Whistler Creek, skied Whistler Mountain then went over to Blackcomb. It was so much fun, lots of dry, soft snow, and it was best at the top of the mountain above the cloud. On the ski out I was glad I had skied the run with Shelly, Sean and Jade previously, as we could only see a few metres ahead in the thick cloud.

We stayed for dinner at Shelly, Sean and Jade’s, then drove home (about 2 hours) and luckily only light snow was falling, the roads were fine. Mark had to go to work on Saturday, so Janet and I took the opportunity to have a girlie day. We went for a lovely walk along the water past Granville Island to Kitsilano Beach, then up to the gorgeous shops and cafe’s down the road on West 4th Avenue. First stop was brunch at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe, voted best breakfast in Vancouver. It was truly amazing, I had a scrambled egg burrito with black beans, guacamole and sour cream, Janet had eggs and pancakes. Then next stop was every boutique in the area. Janet found some vintage jeans, I found two trenchcoats (very cool) and some shirts for work. We were completely drenched by the end of the day, walking up and down West 4th Ave and Granville St.

Saturday night we had our work Christmas Party. Yes we know it’s February, the party is delayed until after the silly season. It was a 70s theme, with an ABBA tribute band Abbracadabra, and we had a ball.

Mike, Bruce, Natalie, Karen and Roselle.

One of our company employees is also a circus performer and trainer. He is the yo yo champion, and performed a routine, including knocking down a coin off our owners ear!

Press Play (black triangle)

Today was a sad day as Janet had to go home.

But now at least it’s 2 weeks until Jenny comes for a week!


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