Another week in the city of rain and snow

Not too much to report this week. It either rained or snowed each day, the snow was really pretty, and didn’t cause too much disruption to the city.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Janet last Sunday, then another normal week of work. Wednesday night we poured our wines from a tasting table in support of the new Canadian Tourism Commission’s new Head Office in Vancouver, they are gearing up for the Olympics in 2010. It was a great night, with all different entertainments and treats in different rooms, and of course they loved our wine. Thursday night we had a few people from work meet up at Glowbal restaurant and then watch our Mission Hill Family Estate sponsored Vancouver Opera performance of ‘Ariadne auf Naxos’. It was great, Mark came and enjoyed it as well. Next Saturday night I am taking some wine writers to another performance of it, should be good.

Last night Mark and I went to a dinner party at a co-workers place. It was truly amazing, being greeted at the door with a dry martini, then a 4 course meal, a lot of fun was had by all. Today has been a bit slow due to the amount of drinks last night, I walked Mark to his work and back, I think that will be the highlight of my day. The rest will be on the computer or watching some Gilmore Girls episodes that Janet lent us.

This week should be busy, I am flying to our winery in Kelowna for the the day on Monday, to meet with our head of production and chief winemaker to finalise budgets for the year ahead (financial year starts April 1st here for some reason). Then on Thursday three of us leave for Toronto for a sales meeting on Friday, I am staying overnight on Friday night with Janet and Morley, then fly back Saturday morning.

Then the most exciting event of the week – Jenny Bayliss comes for a visit next Sunday!!


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