Jen’s Visit

My personal stylist made a visit to Vancouver this week and transformed me into a copper brunette! It’s the ‘in’ colour in Sydney at the moment, I’ll see if I had more fun as a blonde, or a copper brunette!

Jen flew in on Sunday afternoon, she made the long flight in amazing form, and looked like a movie star arriving from LA.

Skiing in Whistler was amazing, with lots of snow, Jenny and I had a ball. As usual we had four seasons in one day, with sunshine, snow, rain etc. all in the one day.

We stayed with Wayne and Pam, and Jenny cut the girls hair as well, and we took JJ to the pool for a hot tub, and watched the twins in their figure skating lesson. Wayne cooked the most beautiful meal, and even delivered it to Pam who was working at the community centre last night.

We could however only convince Pam to cut 10cm off her hair, the girls showed Jenny ‘Daddy’s knives’ and explained the consequences of Jenny cutting anymore off!!

Tomorrow is Jenny’s birthday, so a good time will be had by all out on the town.

Thurs/Friday will be up in Whistler again, then maybe a drive down to Seattle on the weekend, we’ll see what happens…

Add a Comment and let me know if you like Blonde or Copper Brunette hair best!


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