Last week with Jenny

Well, this week has been great with Jen, but sad when she left. Last weekend we went to Whistler with Mark, then the girls went on a roadtrip to Seattle.

For Jen’s Birthday we went to a swanky restaurant called West, it was really beautiful, complete with Bubbly and fois grais, Jenny liked it, I was definitely in heaven.

Thursday night we went back up to Whistler with Mark, as I had to present at a work conference on the Friday, so Jenny and Mark were going to ski. Friday morning we woke up to a gorgeous snowy winter wonderland village.

Jen and Mark quickly decided that skiing would be wasted, time was better spent wandering through town, taking photos, shopping, and having a leisurely breakfast. Luckily my presentations went fine, and I was all done by 2pm. Jenny had arranged a late checkout, so we went for a hot tub outside at the base of the ski hill.

We drove home Friday night, then left for our Thelma and Louise trip to Seattle for the weekend. The border crossing had an hour line up, which I hear is normal, then onto the states! First stop was a real American experience of IHOP (International House of Pancakes) in a small town off the highway. Everything comes with pancakes, and they were very small town, friendly, huge servings, tasty food, served with bad hairstyles. We visited an outlet mall, then made it to the Westin downtown by 4pm. After the obligatory hot tub, we went down to Pikes Markets and out to a seafood dinner on the wharf.

Sunday morning we found the cutest little British crumpet shop, very nice indeed, we shopped till we dropped downtown, then packed up and Big Red was on her way home. We stopped at the best outlet mall ever, they had Banana Republic (my favourite store), Ann Taylor, Jones New York, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Nine West, Tommy etc. all the good stores. Usually residents of Canada have to pay GST in the states, then again at the border to pay Canadian taxes on all purchases after the first $50. But, as I had a non-resident with me they didn’t even ask! What a bargain, it was a great trip, we were very tired at the end of the day, and luckily we were only 35mins from the border with Sunday night traffic.

Monday was very sad as my friend left for Los Angeles, but we had such a great time, I can’t wait for Jen to return…

Also – congratulations cousin Jules and Keith on setting a date for the wedding! We won’t confirm yet, but will look at prices for flights to come home in April 2008, we are very excited for you both, and Lara of course.


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