Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day, the 140th birthday to celebrate all things maple and red, and hey, as long as there’s a holiday, the sun is finally shining, I am a happy girl.

The day started nicely with Mark and I walking to Kitsilano pool for a swim, only to find that not only is all of Vancouver sleepy, but the pool doesn’t open until 10am on the weekends! How bizarre! So we went and had breakfast instead. After walking home Alyssa called and said do I want to come on another ‘adventure’ and see her friend dance in a street parade, of course I said YES, as adventures with Alyssa are always fun. Mark was invited but preferred to play video games at home and keep the cats company. We went down to the Central/Southern America parades and stalls on 3rd Ave and Main, and the dancing was spectacular, click your mouse on the little triangle to launch the video.

Alyssa’s friend Rowena is second on the left, dancing.

Alyssa and Rowena

Another friend Rahul also joined us, and we made a day of it. We went all over town with the festivities, sitting in the park, overlooking the boats on False Creek, listening to the Live Jazz Festival, sipping Lemon Heavens lemonade. We then decided to go across town to Canada Place, the official party site, but stopped 2 blocks away when we ran into our coworkes from the Californian wine side working in a VIP tent for the Yaletown Grand Prix bike race.

Yes Alyssa – finally you are a VIP!

They offered us VIP passes and we had the best views of the race, plus endless Red Truck wine and buffet food for the afternoon, it was quite a tough day.

Andrew enjoying a White Truck wine and watching the racers go by.

Tomorrow I am checking out venues with Dana, our PR consultant, then going to do a gym class with her.

Hope everyone had a Happy Canada Day!!


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