Toronto escape!

We had a great time in Toronto and at the cottage July/August for 2.5 weeks this year. The weather was glorious, warm and sunny as soon as we got out at the airport, unlike Vancouver’s cool wet summer. We had our one week vacation booked for the cottage, then I had a work meeting scheduled in Toronto over a week before this, so we stayed a total of 2.5 weeks with Janet and Morley in Toronto.

Work all went fine, we stayed in Stuart and Kim’s hotel ‘Suites at 1 King West’ for the first two nights, then went up to the cottage for the weekend with the family. It was a lot of fun, our nephew Declan is a real cutie, nearly 2, and loves the boats and water. We went to the golf driving range and even played a round of mini putt golf.

During the week we all had to go to work, I commuted from the burbs into the office on College st, it was quite fun taking the train, subway then street car.

Then the ‘Girls Week’ at the cottage began – the neighbours across the lake, Iacurti’s and Ball’s, use to spend all the summers on the lake when the kids were smaller, and still try to have at least one week all up there together. We were lucky enough to make the week this year. Also, we had Mark’s Aunt Mary Louise and Great Aunt Bunts there for the mid week as well.

Girls Week consists of lazy days, waterskiing and playing in the afternoon, Happy Hour on a different dock each day, then communal dinner at someone’s house starting after sunset, usually 9pm, then dinner at around 11pm, then hot tubbing ‘til the wee hours. Not a bad way to spend the week!


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