Kath and Chrissie’s visit

September was a fabulous time of year to show Chrissie and Kath around Vancouver. Mark made a very nice chicken roast while I picked up the girls – they had flown for 27 hours from Sydney via Dallas and LA. Then they were fed and showered and ready to hit the town!

We went for a breakfast at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe, a must when you visit Vancouver, then Katherine and I went up to Whistler to stay for a night and see the sights. Shelley joined us for a lovely dinner at my favourite restaurant – Elements, where of course we had some fabulous Mission Hill Family Estate wine. On Sunday Katherine wanted to go on the Ziptrek line down the mountain, which goes across the river between Blackcomb and Whistler 5 times whilst on a flying fox harness. It was quite scary for me, being afraid of heights, but I liked it towards the last ride. Then we went up the top for a picturesque view of the mountain ranges.

Monday was spent perusing Granville Island, bike riding around Stanley Park, walking around town, and Monday night we had a nice little gourmet feast from Granville Market, and my friend Camille joined us, she is the Katherine Candy of Canada, the on premise hostess with the mostess. Tuesday morning Mark made lovely ricotta pancakes with butterscotch sauce, then we took the big red bus tour of the city, and went to my favourite restaurant West for dinner.


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