Fall in Vancouver

Vancouver is definitely preparing for winter, with the leaves all turning orange and red, and now falling, ‘Fall’ is upon us. Most of the last few weeks have been raining and cold, with about one sunny day a week (or if not, it sure felt like it!). There is snow on all of the local mountains, and Whistler has snow now half way down the mountain, hopefully all of the resorts will open early this year, Whistler’s opening weekend is Nov 22nd, but it could be brought forward.

What have we been up to? Well, Mark is still applying for Engineer-In-Training positions with some local firms, City of Vancouver and BC Hydro. He got offered a job in Calgary, but we decided against this as it would cost a lot to set up again in a new city. He has a back up plan, and has been accepted to be a full time ski instructor at Cypress Mountain, this would be good as there is a staff bus that picks up just a block away, and although he has to work weekends, he won’t be working nights. They have great night skiing there, and I will get 50% off a season pass, so I might meet up with Mark at night and go for a ski. It’s about a 40 minute drive from our place, so not too far away, and they have good skiing, boarding, snow tubing and lots of cross country trails. Of course this is temporary until he finds an Engineering job, but at least he’ll be out of the house, outside, and hopefully getting fit and earning some money.

We are thinking of flying to Australia for two weeks in April 2008, our cousin Julie is getting married to the lovely Keith, with their gorgeous daughter Lara (see below).

Air Canada now flies direct between Sydney and Vancouver, which is awesome as it means that the flight is 15 hours instead of 20 hours, and no stopping in US, which means no US customs to go through, with them searching your luggage, taking fingerprints, eyescans etc. Can’t wait to see the family again, and get in some serious time on a beach with Mum and sailing with Dad, and drinks with Jenny and Katherine!

Straight after Thanksgiving weekend Shelley called me with a ticket at Whistler for the weekend at a seminar called ‘Leadership mastery’ from The Power Within group. They had some amazing speakers, including an Economist from the White House, Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point), and Frank Abagnale (Catch me if you can) amongst others. Of course Anthony Robbins was there, all of the presenters were really good, except for his one. He was too over the top, too much, and was trying too hard, it was painful to sit through.

Last weekend Mark surprised me with a kayak tour for 2 hours on the harbour. We started out at Granville Island, near out apt, and kayaked half way around Stanley Park, then back up False Creek. It was a lot of fun, we saw lots of water birds and a seal. My hands were absolutely frozen, as it was about 8 degrees when we departed, and the wind on the ocean was chilly. Mark would warm up his paddle then we would switch to try and keep my hands warm.

Last Friday Leah Graham (who looks a lot like Halle Berry) hosted a wine tasting with me at the airport. We had lined up a promotion ‘Best of British Columbia and New Zealand’ with our Mission Hill wines and Twin Islands (we distribute them from NZ). It was a fun day, as they had a lot of pomp and circumstance at the airport with the first flight non-stop from Auckland to Vancouver arriving. We are sponsoring a big media/VIP dinner tomorrow night, Black Tie, where they are pouring NZ wine all night, then our Mission Hill icewine with dessert.

Tuesday night this week we have our official launch party for our new wine brand ‘Ganton and Larsen Prospect Winery’ at an art gallery. We have invited 300 people, including media and trade, should be good. Next weekend I’ll be working up at Whistler at the Cornucopia wine event, we have wine tastings to host, plus a wine/spa pampering event, should be fun. Bruce and Sheila still enjoying napping on our bed.

In two weeks time Mark and I are going on a 3 day road trip to Tofino, where I’ll be hosting a wine tasting with our Territory Manager, Lesley. Tofino is like Byron Bay, with lots of surfers (even though they have to wear steamers year round, water temp is a chilly 8 degrees), and a hippie tourist town, can’t wait!


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