November in Vancouver

Today is Remembrance Day here in BC, although Ontario and Eastern Canada do not get today as a Public Holiday. It is wet, cold and windy as a storm is hitting the west coast from lunchtime yesterday until this evening. Snow is falling in the mountain tops, so that is encouraging for a good ski season.

In the photo I am on our balcony, and the rain and wind is so strong, you can barely see the city, definitely no sight of the mountains. We are now looking for used cross country ski’s, I think it will be fun to go cross country skiing this winter, Mark said he’ll come too.

All dressed up for the Air NZ dinner (Mum see Mark the Moose is out for Christmas!)

This week was a big social week, full of fun stuff. Monday night was a huge Air NZ Black Tie dinner, to celebrate the first flight non-stop from Auckland to Vancouver. It went really well, 5 courses, all paired to two wines each, including some gorgeous Quartz Reef sparkling Pinot Noir from Central Otago. We sat next to the wine buyer from Air NZ, so hopefully we can get our icewines on board at some stage.

Tuesday night we had our Ganton and Larsen Prospect Winery Launch at a local art gallery in Vancouver. It went over very well, with Nu restaurant catering the affair, we had white chocolate balls filled with lobster bisque, pipettes of cauliflower truffle soup, fresh oysters, satay sticks etc. Then we also went to Holt Renfrew (which is like David Jones) Ralph Lauren launch night which we sponsored with Prospect wines, all the pretty, young, fashionable things were out and about. Wednesday night Mark had his welcome night for Cypress Mtn ski instructors, then Thursday night Natalie (a fantastic work colleague) and I went up to Whistler. Last weekend was Whistler Cornucopia, which was a huge wine show, seminars, tastings, parties that continue all weekend. We were very busy, on Friday Nat and I had 3 shirts to change into as we worked 4 different wine shows from our brands – Rigamarole and Fork in the Road to begin with from 10am – 1pm, then Prospect from 1-3:30pm, then Mission Hill pamper your palettes event at a local spa, and then Wild Horse Canyon in the evening for Crush, a huge consumer tasting event in the Whistler Conference Centre, 900 people attended, it was very busy. The highlight of the weekend was tasting a 1990 GRANGE! Yes, a 17 yo Penfold’s Grange was under the table at the Penfold’s stand, and I just happened to sweet talk the boy pouring to let Nat, Alyssa and myself have a glass. There were wines from all over the world, probably 70 exhibitors, from Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, Japan, NZ, Germany and Portugal.

Today is a public holiday, and the cats, Mark and I are relaxing and recovering from a fun but hectic week, plus I have some work to do.


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