First ski day at Whistler

Winter is here in Vancouver now, and on Sunday I went for my first ski up at Whistler. It was a cold day, -9 degrees, but blue open skies, sparkling, crisp, dry snow. I was also on my new skis, they were fantastic!

Cypress Mountain has received a bit of snow so far, 50cm, but is not open yet. They might be opening this Friday, which is great, as that means Mark will hopefully be working this weekend!!

Thursday I’ll be going out to Kelowna for our Prospect winery launch party in the Okanagan, Desiree (our new Events Manager) will be coming with me, and we are driving the Corona FJ Cruiser, as we will be driving through snow crossing the mountain range.

We come back on Friday afternoon, then go up to Whistler for the Whistler Film Festival. It should be a great weekend, we are pouring out wine up on the mountain, so they have to give us a free ski pass, even though we are only pouring between 12-1pm, I guess I’ll have to ski the rest of the day!


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