Snowy West Coast

The last two weeks have definitely been an adventure. Last week, Desiree, our new highly talented Events Manager, and myself drove up to Kelowna, for our new Ganton and Larsen Prospect Winery launch party. We were lucky to be able to take a spare work car, the Corona Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD.

It was a beautiful drive, the mountains were just gorgeous, until we started seeing quite a few 4WD’s flipped in ditches either side of us, and one had just happened a minute before we got there, quite scary.


We definitely slowed down, and said a few prayers, and made it into town safely.

The launch party was of course a huge success, even though there were a few last minute stresses. Friday morning we stopped in at the snowy winery, Desiree had a tour, and then we left for our drive back to Vancouver, which only took 5 hours, not the 8 hours it took us yesterday.

Friday night we stopped home in time to pack a few more clothes, grab the skis, and headed up to Whistler, with Desiree’s friend Kelly. We headed up to Whistler as Wild Horse Canyon was sponsoring the Whistler Film Festival. This is an awesome weekend where there are many, many films and film industry people in town to chat, do business, score PR, party, and maybe ski. I was lucky enough to score an entry into the Celebrity ski race, and skiied with the team from Walk All Over Me, a new Canadian film just released. I had a ball, Whistler is so pretty. The Extremely Canadian ski team were taking the teams through the races and providing coachng, and it was quite funny, most of my Whistler friends were working the event – Sean, Derek, Ralph, which was cool. Sunday we thought we’d make an early start home, as the roads were snowy, and left town at 11:30am, which would normally get you home by 1:30 – 2:30pm. Unfortunately the highway was closed, right before Vancouver, and we were stuck on the snowy highway for 5 hours, so we pulled into town, at 8pm! We were absolutely ravaneous, as we hadn’t stopped for lunch, and in desperate need of a bathroom. Luckily the girls had some small bottles of Bailey’s, so were making Baileys slushies with fresh snow – highly recommended by the way. So, in 4 days, the Corona truck, Desiree and myself had covered 1300kms.

Mark is doing well, he is now working full time as a Ski Instructor at Cypress Mountain, whilst looking for his Engineering position. The mountain had a lot of snow last weekend, but then there was a warm spell of 10 degrees with record rainfall, which melted all the snow away. Now the snow is patchy, with one lift open, but this week they’ll start making snow.Cypress Mountain will be the snowboard, moguls and aerials venue for the 2010 Olympics (as they call it here, no the winter olympics).

Mark in his ski uniform – what a nice ‘Twinkie’ as they call them in Whistler.

This week I will hopefully recover from my cold and chest infection, everyone in Vancouver has the dreaded cold at the moment, luckily Mark hasn’t caught it yet.


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