Snowy grapevines in Kelowna

The last two weeks have been filled with snow, snow, snow. There has been quite a few days now of snow in Vancouver, it doesn’t stay on the ground for more than a day, but it sure is nice to wake up to the blanket of snow. Mark might have other thoughts this morning, as he is driving to Cypress Mtn today and they are only allowing 4WDs or cars with chains drive up there.

Two weeks ago I had my first ski at Cypress Mtn, I got a 50% discount off my season pass as Mark is working there, so I am planning on going up at least once a week this winter. It is about a 40min drive early in the morning, or can be 1 hour door to door in peak hour coming back through the city. They have now got a ‘mid mountain’ (nice marketing spin there, most resorts measure their snow depth at the base of the lifts, Cypress measures half way up the lift) base of 256cm, with 25cm falling last night. It actually receives more snow than Whistler, being so close to the ocean, but also is a bit warmer than Whistler, so melts quicker. The night skiing and cross country trails are all open now, and tomorrow I will go cross country skiing with our fabulous PR consultant, Dana.

On Thursday Natalie and I took Dana and Daenna the Wine Diva, a popular Vancouver wine writer, to lunch at Aurora Bistro. It was a very nice christmas lunch, with sticky toffee pudding for dessert – YUM!

This week I also went to the winery in Kelowna for a monthly meeting, and arrived to see the winery blanketed in snow. The grapes were nearly frozen, but it hasn’t reached the -8 degrees for a few nights consistently, so we haven’t picked the grapes to make icewine yet.

Herb garden now covered in snow at the winery

Grapes nearly covered in snow!

Vineyards covered in snow, the shores of the lake are frozen, but not the whole lake.

This week we are both working through the holidays, I get Christmas and Boxing Day off from work, and Mark just gets Christmas Day. Alyssa and her family have invited me to see the Christmas play It’s a Wonderful Life
with them at the Granville Island theatre, then we might go to Van Dusen Gardens and see the colourful christmas light show. Christmas Day we are going to relax at home, and have some wonderful christmas fare. Boxing Day I might go up skiing for the day and work off some of the christmas cheer. I might also go up for an evening ski this week too.

Merry Christmas to all!


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