Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Years Eve were a lot of fun in snowy Vancouver. Mark has been working hard at Cypress Mountain, and I have had fun working some days, and others just going up and skiing with him. His only day off this week was Christmas Day, and although it would have been fun to ski it, I just couldn’t force him to ski on his only day off in just under 2 weeks!

On Christmas Eve I worked in the morning, then went to see a play ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ at the Vancouver Arts Club theatre on Granville Island with Alyssa and her parents, Darlene and David (‘Dar’ and ‘Dave’ to those in the know), It was a really cute play, and a great idea to see it on Christmas Eve. Mark came home from working/skiing all day and we had some Hot Toddy’s (warm eggnog and spiced rum) and a nice dinner.

Mark with his present from Vicki – a creme brulee cooking set!!

Christmas Day was low key, we made the phone calls to family and friends, and had the Pillsbury crescent rolls freshly baked in the oven for breakfast, mimosa’s (champas and orange) for morning tea, various pate’s and cheese’s on baguette stick for lunch with a divine 1997 Penfolds St Henri and the traditional baked chicken dinner with the Smith christmas pudding recipe (including ‘suet’ – beef fat, grated carrot and potato) and home made French Vanilla ice cream. Yes we really needed to ski off Christmas Day on Boxing Day.

My Christmas presents from Kim – the puffy vest, fleece top and scarf!!

Brucey approved of the presents as well, and the care package from Mum and Dad went down a treat!! Love the Minties, Vegimite, Tim Tams, Good Weekends etc.

New Years Eve was pretty mellow, I skied with Mark for half a day, then did some work, Mark came home sick with a fever and a bad cold that has been going around, and I went to a friends party with a freshly made pavlova! Today I skied a few runs, then Mark had to leave as he is still sick, which gave me the afternoon to catch up with Alyssa and watch Sex in the City episodes whilst eating through the never ending christmas cookies and cups of tea.


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