The Aquarium and visit with Betsy and Grace

This week was a lot of fun as Betsy and Grace were in Vancouver. Betsy’s husband used to go to school with Mark, and they have been in Sydney for 4 years now. Betsy and I especially hit it off, and it was so great to catch up with her and Gracie on their way back to Sydney. They have been in Geneva for 6 months, and Pat will join them in March. Betsy’s brother Mike luckily lives 4 blocks from our place, and they were staying there for 3 days.

Grace at the Beluga show with Mei Mei/Doo Doo

Yesterday we had a good visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, it was really sweet to see Gracie get so excited about the animals, plus we may have got quite excited about the Otters especially.

Lovely sea anemones at the Vancouver Aquarium

Beluga show

Last night we had them over to dinner, I made roast pork and pavlova. Mark was ski instructing all day, and had to dig the car out of the parking lot, as there was a foot of snow that had fallen during the day. We also had some delicious Mission Hill and Penfold’s wines.


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