Four metre base of snow now at Cypress

Well, it was the first sunny weekend day for the whole winter, and we had such a good time at Cypress. Mark was ski instructing all day, and I skied with some new ski buddies from England who are living in Vancouver.

I have finally booked my ticket for a trip to Australia, I arrive (sorry Mark!) on Sat April 12th, and leave Sun April 27th. The main reason/excuse is for my lovely cousin Julie’s wedding, and I am flying with Jenny to see my brother Tim and Jules, then one night seeing Krista in Bris Vegas. Should be good!

This week we had our quarterly sales meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, and it was -26 degrees celsius!! I think that was the coldest weather I had been in for a while. It was a very sunny day, and there was about a foot of snow on the ground, it was really quite pretty. The meeting went really well, and hopefully they are now geared up to sell lots of Prospect and Mission Hill Wines!

My major acheievement for the week though was getting an email from my contact at Air New Zealand, saying that Mission Hill will have a write up in their In-Flight magazine for February. They are promoting Canada as a destination since they now have a direct flight to Vancouver, and we sponsored their launch dinner with some icewine.

Sunset at Cypress

Alpenglow late sunset at Cypress


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