Janet is now with us….

Hello! Yes it’s been a while since the last blog. We are having too much fun, Janet has been with us now for a week, and it has just flown by. Last weekend Mark and I skied at Cypress, we skied together in the morning, then he has lessons for the rest of the day, just as my friends Lucy and Mark arrived. We had a great time skiing all of the lifts, and as you would imagine some Pom’s and Aussie’s together, we ended up in the pub with a beer!

This handsome fella has to be on the blog! Mark has some new work clothes now, his Engineering company is smart business casual dress code. He has also lost 22 pounds (10 kilos!!!), and looks fantastic!

So far this week Janet, Mark and I have ordered in our favourite Indian food from Indian Grill, Mark went for two nights to Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island to clear more brush for the seismic crew, then liaising between the seismic crew and the Surveyor. The project is a new hydro station, a ‘run of river’ power scheme, very environmentally friendly, unlike coal or nuclear power. As Mark was away, Janet and I decided to see ‘Juno’ at the movies, it is a REALLY GOOD MOVIE! Very funny, very clever, very cute, not just a chick flick, I think it would appeal to all people, no wonder it got nominated for an Academy Award. Two nights ago Janet and I went to see a musical called ‘Glorious’, it was very funny, about a lady performer that thinks she’s fabulous, but can’t really sing. Today we went shopping at Park Royal, while Mark worked at Cypress, which is hosting the Freestyle Aerials and Moguls World Cup. Janet had two days catching up with her friend Elaine, who lives in West Vancouver, they both worked as nurses in India, 41 years ago.

This week Janet will discover Granville Island, and keep knitting her two blankets for the two new grandchildren due April 19th (Kim) and 21st (Vicki).


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