Morley and Janet’s visit

We had a great time with Mark’s parents – Morley and Janet, when they stayed with us in February. We were fortunate to have Janet for just over 2 weeks, and Morley for 4 days between his busy work at the hospital and his practice.

We had a lovely dinner at The Beach House, on the water at West Vancouver on Saturday night, after Mark had taken Morley for a walk down to Granville Island. The highlight of the trip for Morley was probably the art supplies store on Granville Island, where he got his palette knife. We always knew where Morley was after that, as every minute or so he would give us a ‘ding’ as he plucked/twanged his palette knife.

Where are you Janet?

The Sky Chair in the background

On Sunday Mark, Janet and I went skiing at Cypress, while Morley went snow shoeing. It was nice hanging out with them, especially since they cleaned the house and cooked for us – they are welcome anytime!

Tuesday night we went to Sequoia Grill, which is a teahouse in Stanley Park, and has a fabulous glassed roof ‘sun’ room where we dined, much to Janet’s delight.

Wednesday their holiday, and our house slaves, left us, very sad, but we are hopefully going to spend a week at the cottage in August with them, Tammy and Kim.


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