Happy Easter to all! Mark and I are enjoying our long weekend, yesterday (Good Friday) we went up to Whistler and skied for the day, it was a lot of fun, they had quite a bit of fresh snow. The skiing was great, but being a long weekend there was a lot of people on the slopes, especially in the morning. The new chairlift on Whistler, Symphony, was not crowded, as you have to ski over to Piccolo to ski it, which is further than most people go, so well worth the effort, unfortunately we only discovered this at 3pm, as the lift was closing. They had a lot of fresh snow falling during the day, visibility was marginal, but it was soft if you fell, which is always nice. I skied Whistler Bowl and Shale Slope off The Peak Chair with Mark, which I would not be game to do myself, it was nice having him there. It is a very steep slope, with some moguls, so a bit more challenging than anything at Cypress. Plus, it was Mark’s first time at Whistler for the season, as he has been at Cypress every weekend, and we both noticed it in our legs! Whistler runs are really long, from top to bottom it’s 11km, and the Peak to Creek run, from the top of the Peak Chair to Creekside which we did yesterday, covers 1,631m vertical, quite the workout.

This morning I told Mark that I was glad that I married him, he made his special pancakes (normally with ricotta, this time with Marscapone), with homemade butterscotch sauce. It was worth 10 years of marriage for the pancakes alone!

We were supposed to stay overnight and ski Whistler today as well, but Mark agreed to make it only one day, as it is super busy this weekend, then come up next weekend for both days. It’s a good deal for us, as next weekend the lift passes are cheaper as it goes into low season, as there is only 255cm base (note the sarcasm!).

This week we booked our flight for our summer vacation in August, the week at the cottage, with Janet and Morley, Kim and Stu (+ baby!!!!), Tam and hopefully Pat depending on his work schedule.


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