Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!! Especially to our sister in law’s Kim and Vicki, who had their little babies in April. Kim and Stu had their first baby, Zachary James, 4 weeks ago, and apparently he wakes up for a feed every 2 hours, so precisely that you can set your clock on it.
Zachary James (Kim and Stu’s little one)

Emily Jane is Vicki and Paul’s second child, and she is now 3 weeks old, and both babies and mum’s are doing well.
Emily Jane (Paul and Vicki’s little one, and Declan’s new little sister)

Mark has now been up in Alaska for 3 weeks, working in a remote town, flying in and out of a mine site, on 12 hour night shifts. He is investigating core samples for a proposed mine. Hopefully he comes home soon, it could be either this Friday or next Tuesday.

Last weekend Lori, Jami and I went up to the Okanagan Valley and worked the OK Spring Wine Festival. We had a great time working the Mission Hill and Prospect tables, pouring wine to everyone, they were from Kelowna, Penticton, Vancouver, Alberta and Washington State.

This weekend I went over to my David and Nori’s house on Friday night for pizza, then last night I went to a wedding with Lori, at the Shaughnessy Golf Club (private, very luxurious).

Today I met up with my friend Libby, she is here with her wine company, settling in the new distributor, and we met up for a lovely walking tour of Vancouver, and of course, a nice long lunch!

Libby and the rhododendrons on Granville Island

The cherry blossom trees are amazing

The tulips are amazing


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