May 24 weekend at the Cottage

This weekend was the Queen Victoria holiday weekend in Canada, with Monday being a public holiday. I took advantage of this by flying out to Toronto, and join the family for a weekend at the cottage.
Kim’s parents joined us for the weekend from Montreal – in the photo is Terry, Stu, Janet, Monika, Kim and Morley.

Unfortunately Mark was not able to fly home, as he is still in Alaska, and his relief staff did not get through customs. He might be able to leave this Friday, all fingers and toes are crossed, as he has been there for over 4 weeks now.
Gramps and Zach

Anyway – we had a ball at the cottage, it was especially nice seeing our new nephew, Zachary James, who is now 6 weeks old. Stu and Kim are amazing parents, especially since he wakes up and needs a feed every 2 hours around the clock.
Birthday cake for Birthday Girl!

We were also fortunate to drop in on Paul, Vicki and Declan, with their new daughter Emily Jane (4 weeks). She is also gorgeous, and it is the first granddaughter for Janet and Morley.
Vicki and Emily


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