Our trip to Tofino

Last weekend Mark and I went to Tofino, it’s on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, and quite remote, or maybe it just feels that way. We started off driving on Friday morning to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal, just past West Vancouver, on the way north to Squamish and Whistler. After stopping for the obligatory ‘bucks stop (Starbucks – there’s one on every corner, sometimes tw0), we made it onto the 8:30am ferry. After 2 hours on the ferry, we drove from Nanaimo three hours through incredibly beautiful and windy road to Tofino. As you cross the middle of Vancouver Island you go through a deep cedar forest, where the trees are over 50m tall and scenic lakes. Tofino was beautiful, a bit like Georgian Bay, and the mountains go straight into the sea. It’s actually quite weird as when you look inland it looks like a ski resort, then you look out to the beaches, quite weird. It was really windy the whole time we were there, as the water temperature is around 10 degrees year round, and a bit rainy and cloudy.

Kazzi at the beach

We were lucky enough to go on a zodiac trip whale watching, and we saw an Alaskan Grey whale. It was a lot of fun, very scenic, and Mark and I were glad we were sitting in the middle of the boat, as our stomach’s were turning by the end of the trip, it was quite big sea. We also saw some very cute otters swimming about on their back, and playing around. If you haven’t seen what sea otters look like, click here to see a clip of them being very cute at Vancouver Aquarium.

Alaskan Grey Whale tail
Mark on the whale watching zodiac

The wine festival went well, Mark worked with me on the Mission Hill table, and Conny our Vancouver Island rep worked the Prospect Winery table, all went well.

Last night I went with three friends from work to the Vancouver Aquarium ‘Night at the Aquarium’. This is their main fundraiser for the year, and at $300 per ticket, with over 300 people attending it should be! The aquarium is huge, with outdoor pools for dolphins, sea otters, sea lions, seals and beluga whales (arctic white whales). The big news this week is that Qila had her first baby beluga, so we were watching her from above and below the water swim with mum. Click here to see the birth on You Tube. Different restaurants from high society Vancouver each had a table, serving a small tasting portion of mostly seafood creations, that were absolutely amazing. There were lots of ice scultptures, and also gymnastics troupe doing Cirque du Soleil like impressions, including one in a large blow up clear ball on top of the inside reef tank with sharks, fish and turtles swimming below. It was quite the night, of course we sponsored it with 6 bars of Prospect Winery. We were glad that we chose to pour the Pinot Blanc, as this week it was announced it won the Trophy for ‘Best Value White’ at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London, quite a high award!

Mark has returned from Alaska, and came back quite feral, I nicknamed him Captain Caveman!
Captain Caveman

Luckily, he decided to shave and have a hair cut.

You can never be too safe!


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