Weekend at the cottage in Okanagan

Last weekend Mark and I had a great time at Lori’s Golden Mile Chalet cottage on Vaseux Lake, in the South Okanagan. Mark and I left town at 7:30pm, and it took us 2 hours to leave the city, as it was a sort of holiday weekend, with July 1st, Canada Day, being on Tuesday. We finally reached Lori’s cottage at 1:30am, and were glad to finally be there!

Mark and Mike having a nice breakfast by the lake.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend – the cottage is terribly cute, right on the water, the weather was perfect – yes we even had high 30s, and Lori and her boyfriend Mike were amazing hosts, we had such a great time. Mike even swam with me across the lake, with Mark paddling the canoe keeping watch.

Lori and Mike in their canoe on Vaseux Lake.

Mike and Terry took Lori, Mark and I out on Skaha Lake on Sunday, it was gorgeous!

Mark and I were the only people I know that didn’t get sunburnt on the weekend. Canadian’s don’t quite understand that if you expose your skin to the sun it will burn. Slip, slop, slap hasn’t quite made it here – yet.

All in all a fabulous weekend.

This weekend was a quiet one, today (Sunday) I finally caught up with Alyssa and Judy and we had a Sex and the City movie date, with a pedicure booked beforehand, and champagne during both events. The movie is great, I hope they bring out another one!


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