Lovely summer

July ’08 turned out to be a lot nicer than last year, that is for sure. We had 3 weeks of sunshine, no rain, which is a definite first for us to experience in Vancouver. The temps were between 20-25 each day, which is very pleasant, warm, without being smoldering hot.

Our picnic at Spanish Banks, Vancouver

Mark and I had a nice picnic at Spanish Banks, with our friends David, Nori and Adrian. Nori had made his famous finger licking good chicken, and a orzo pasta pesto salad. We of course bought corn chips, salsa and wine. It was a perfect evening with a lovely sunset, someone was also having a nice canoe on the glassy harbour, with some otters swimming around too!

Canoe paddling into the sunset

Last weekend we were lucky to receive an invite to my colleague Peter’s place in Vernon, for a waterski with him and his lovely girlfriend Linda. We had a lot of fun being out on his boat on Kalamalka Lake. Mark of course waterskiied like a pro on one slalom ski, I had fun and got up on his slalom ski’s, I’ll just omit the number of attempts it took me.

Mark waterskiing like the pro

The water is really that colour, lovely clear green, as it has glacial deposits in the lake, but luckily not from fresh glaciers, so it was about 21 degrees, quite nice.

My flowers thriving with the sunshine

Also have to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to school friends back home:
Krista and Mark, on their arrival of Olivia, sister to Angus and Hugo
Nan and Nick, on their arrival of Cooper, brother to Grace and Catriona

Krista and Mark with Angus, Emily and Hugo


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