Family Week at the Cottage

We had a fabulous time at this year’s ‘family week’ at the cottage. Marks sister Tam and her boyfriend Pat were there, then two days after the vacation Pat proposed to Tam while on their nightly walk with Pepe (their large black poodle). CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Pat welcome to the family, glad that you two have finally got it official!
Pat and Tam with baby Emily, their new niece

Stu (Mark’s youngest brother) and Kim were there for the week with Zachary, their 4.5 month old son, who is very, very cute. Paul (Mark’s next younger brother) drove up Vicki and their kids Declan (3) and Emily (4 months old) on Monday, then left at 5am Tuesday morning to go back to work, they had just come back on Sunday from a week in Bermuda, so unfortunately couldn’t come up for the week, but he managed to return Thursday night, then worked from the cottage and the local library for internet on Friday, now that’s a nice way to juggle work and family!
Stu and Zach

Highlights of the week were of course the new niece Emily (who is just so gorgeous, just like a porcelain doll) and Zachary (cute as a button). We all just loved having lots of cuddles and feeding them, with both being quite prone to snuggling up to you and falling asleep.

Awards for the week:
Most able to put Emily to sleep – Patrick!
Best planner for cottage fun – Stuart (purchased the best toys for playing in the lake including a floating bar!)
Best goofy faces – Morley, although Pat is a close second when he jumped into the cold lake
Most sacrificed for family week – Morley and Janet – slept on the couch in the living room so we could all have our own room.
Best waterskiing display – Janet – she still has old world style and grace!
All round best with the kids – Tammy – she has a special way with them
Best photographer – Mark
Best juggler of work and family – Paul
Best boat driver of the week – Declan
Best idea for escape – Vicki (we took off to a bakery and shopping trip one afternoon)
Most indispensable – Tammy – how else would our bar flotilla go between John and Janet’s dock, and get refills?
Best salads for the week – Kim – she just works wonders with fruit, cheese, and lots of creative ways to get picky eaters to eat their greens!
Award for being a saint for the week – Janet – for putting up with us all, and all our own picky ways!


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