Likely, BC

Mark spent 1 month in Likely, BC, then a month back in Vancouver, then another month up north this Fall. Likely is about 9 hours drive north east of Vancouver and very remote. It is spectacular though, with gorgeous mountains surrounding crystal clear lakes. Mark was working up there 7 days a week, for 4 or 5 weeks at a time, and accrued days in lieu. He was supervising the increase of their tailings dam.

The Mt Polley mine now focuses on extracting copper, it used to mine gold as well. It is just open cut, with no underground mines. Mark would supervise the guys building the dam, and conduct tests daily on the structure on the materials used. He got a big boys pick up truck to use, which on one hand he hated for its environmental waste, but on the other hand he thought it was cool.

I went up and visited him a few times, flew up on Friday afternoon, back on sunday afternoon, on a little 19 seater propeller plane. It is the most spectacular flight, going out over the water, then up over Squamish, Whistler, ad several glaciers, all flying fairly low. It is a one hour drive to Likely from the airport at Williams Lake, and on my first drive up I saw a moose, deer, coyote and of course hereford cattle crossing the road at odd times. Mark sometimes also saw grizzly bears. The area is famous for fishing salmon, it is a real man’s world.


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