Snowy, snowy, snowy Vancouver

This week has been a very snowy one for Vancouver. We have had snow on the ground now since last Sunday, and its not letting up for at least another week! Very unseasonal for Vancouver, in the last two years the most the snow stayed on the ground was for 2 days, twice during the winter. Now it will be 2 weeks!
Mark cross country skiing

Luckily we got winter tyres on the van 2 weeks ago, so we are fine to drive, but try not to as most people don’t have these, so end up sliding through intersections, and the city doesn’t do any snow ploughing of the roads, plus it is quite hilly.
Janelle and Karen

Yesterday we went Cross Country skiing with Janelle, she is our fabulous new PR Coordinator, from Ontario, so was excited like me for our first ski! Mark was not excited, but was a good sport and gave us both tips to make sure we didn’t do too much damage, as we are both novices. The snow for Cross Country skiing was amazing, it was -12 degrees, so nice and cold, and the snow was fresh, light and powdery. We got there early, at 9am, and there weren’t many people there. They even had free pancakes and hot chocolate at the Hollyburn Lodge and Santa!

Karen Skiing

It was a good day, and I am quite a fan now of X-Country skiing, so I thought I’d do a Letterman style Top 10 reasons to Cross Country ski:

No Snowboarders on your run
No lift line ups
No extra gear required, not goggles, not helmet, light fleece gloves are fine
Its not cold, you are very warm, sometimes too warm, as there is no cold breeze going against you as you ski down the hill, and you are exerting more energy than when you downhill ski
There doesn’t need to be a lot of snow depth to have fantastic Cross Country skiing, so great for early and late season
No chairlifts at great heights that might break at any time as you are going over cliffs
Comfortable, soft shoes
People are really nice and friendly, not aggressive or loud
Ir’s quiet and peaceful, quite often no one else on the trails
It’s a hell of a lot cheaper!!! Pass = $20, rentals = $20, compared to $110 for downhill.


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