Happy New Year!!

We were lucky enough to be asked to house and dog sit over the Christmas period for friends up in Whistler. They have the most spectacular house in Emerald, with great views of both mountains. Clifford is the best dog in the world, he appreciates every walk you can give him, and loves attention, and is very low maintenance.
Clifford the big yellow dog

When we left Vancouver there was easily 30cm of snow on the ground, which is a lot for a city on the water. Whistler village only had half this much, but each day we were there it snowed about 20cm, so caught up soon. The ski hill was busy, although they only had half the lifts and runs open, as there was only 80cm base for skiing on the mountain. This did deter people from going up, usually Christmas week is their busiest week, with about 28,000 people per day, but this year it was only 12,000 per day. We went up Christmas Day with Shelley, Sean and Jade, after having a nice breakfast and opening presents with them. It hasn’t been a good year for Whistler so far, with a gondola tower coming down, stranding 50 people for a few hours, luckily no casualties, and also 2 avalanches and a few accidents resulting in 4 deaths in December.

Karen and Mark at the top of the Red Chair on Whistler

We went cross country skiing a few times, although I did feel sluggish as I got another cold and sore throat. Mark played a lot of computer games, as he had two weeks off, I still had to work online, as I don’t have many holiday days up my sleeve.
Shelley, Sean and Mark in the dining room

We put on a lovely Christmas dinner for our friends Sean, Shelley and Jade, including roast turkey, mashed potatoes (Shelly E. you would have loved them!), vegies, gravy and Mark made Janet’s Christmas pudding recipe, which was divine.

Shelley, Jade and her friend Cami tobogganing


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