Stork Alert!

Yes we are pregnant, 14 Weeks, due date is August 16th, same day as Grandpa’s B’Day. Mark was very anxious and nervous at first, but seems quite excited, and likes talking to ‘Junior’ and rubbing my belly.

Since about 6 weeks I’ve had bad morning sickness, throwing up most days, and thoroughly exhausted, in bed asleep by 7:30pm or 8pm most nights. This past week has been better, still a few days of being sick, but more time during the day of feeling better, and not quite as exhausted. We went for a picnic yesterday to Granville Island as well, it was a nice day, about 8 degrees and sunny.

We’ve had two ultrasounds so far, both went very well, all normal, and although Junior looks like an alien now, I am sure it will get cuter. The next one is at 20 weeks, where we might find out the sex. We have a few names we like, but nothing concrete, Mark is changing his mind quite a bit! Don’t worry, promise not to have an Apple, Moses or Moonshine.

Mark has been busy, going away for two trips, one in Toba Inlet, which is a seaplane flight on the north sunshine coast of BC, to a remote inlet where they are building a new hydro power plant, and then back up to his favourite project, the construction of a new tailings dam at a copper mine north of Williams Lake.

Being exhausted I haven’t really done much, I haven’t even been able to make the last two book club meetings. But, I have watched ALOT of movies. We bought an Apple TV, which is a converter box that connects your computer to the TV. It is so wonderful, you can rent or buy videos from iTunes, so I have watched the following over the past 6 weeks:

Thank You For Smoking (best kept secret, the best movie I’ve seen in a long while)
Love Story (wow what a tear jerker)
Mamma Mia (Love this movie, not only for the music and scenery, but having three fantastic male actors as gorgeous bimbos is a sight to see, especially the last dance seen)
The Way We Were (Great love story, with a not so great ending)
All the Presidents Men (Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman – is there any better pair!)
2 Weeks Notice (very cute, but then is there a bad Hugh Grant movie?)
Brokeback Mountain (fantastic Alberta scenery, but a depressing movie)
Swing Vote (the girl is an excellent actress, better than Kevin Costner)
Burn After Reading (really bad movie, even though it has George Clooney, John Malkovitch, Frances Dormand and Brad Pitt)
Life or Something Like It (Good movie, even though it stars Angelina Jolie with the fake boobs and collagen puffed lips)
Mona Lisa Smile (Fairly good)
Parenthood (oldie but a goodie, classic Keanu)
Juno (one of my most favourite movies ever!)
Failure to Launch (Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, how could it be wrong?)
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (fun movie, with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, very cute, great eye candy)
Secret Life of Bees (really good movie, chick flick, Dakota Fanning is amazing)
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (great chick flick)
The Notebook (great chick flick)
Dirty Dancing (Patrick still has it)
Elizabethtown (weird movie, so so)
Higher Learning (not quite what I expected, too violent for me)
Indiana Jones and Kingdom Scull (not my type of movie)
Walk the Line (fantastic movie, great acting and songs)
Saving Sarah Cain (pathetic! Really bad)
Someone Like You (Hugh Jackman, need I say more???)
How Stella Got her Groove Back (Good, but the book is way better)
Casablanca (really good classic movie)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (cute movie set in Hawaii)
Made of Honor (It’s worth it to see a smiling, non-moody Patrick Dempsey)
What Happens in Vegas (cute rom com)
Le Divorce (good movie, very French)
Sex and the City: The Movie (very good, love those gals)
The Women (not bad, not good)
The Dark Knight (fantastic movie, loved every minute, Heath was fabulous)

Apart from that, the kitties have kept me company:
Sheila on our bed
Brucey peeping out from the sock basket
Emily Smith – how cute is she!!! Paul (Mark’s brother) and Vicki’s little 9 month old cutie!
Mona Vale Beach – where I would rather be on a grey, rainy Vancouver day like today (thanks Shelly for the photo!)
Percy the Pelican at Mona Vale

Hope all is well, if you have movie recommendations, send them through! I can’t wait to drool over Hugh Jackman tonight when he hosts the Oscars!


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