Tammy’s Bridal Shower in Toronto

Last week I was lucky to combine work and pleasure! I had to present to our sales team in Toronto on Feb 27th, and luckily was able to stay the weekend and attend Tammy’s Bridal Shower! It was a really fun event, Kim did all the work in preparing for it, and organised the speeches and games. I loved playing present bingo, where you put in the squares the gifts you think she might get, and then cross them off as she opens them.
Janet and Tammy cutting the cake

It was a lot of fun, Tammy looked gorgeous, of course, and the girls were in fine form. We learnt quite a bit about Pat, we learnet that Tammy got about 50% of the questions of ‘How well do you know your Fiancee’ correct, so she has a bit to do before the wedding! Pat’s favourite band is Tragically Hip, and his biggest pet peeve of Tamara is her ‘lack of sense of urgency’ which is a nice way of saying she would be late for her own funeral, god help us get to the church on time for the wedding!!

For those who don’t know Tammy, she is the youngest sibling in Mark’s family, 8 years his junior, and the only girl in the family. She is extemely sweet and a lot of fun to chat with. Unfortunately I couldn’t make all the festivities leading up to the wedding, the stagette (hen’ s night) was last night, I haven’t called them yet as I think there might be a few hangovers today. Next weekend is the family Bridal shower with all the cousins and aunts.

I had a really fun time staying at Kim and Stu’s place and of course having lots of Zach time, my nephew is just adorable. We were lucky enough also to catch up with Vicki and Paul, Declan and Emily, who are equally as cute, but unfortunately Vicki and Declan were both sick at the time. There was a lot of colds and flus going around in Toronto, luckily I escaped without that souvenir.
Zach discovering the toys in JG’s and Gramps toy box

The sales meeting went really well, they are a good team in TO, positive and enthusiastic, so that always helps. Nadia is a friend of mine in the office, and it was great catching up with her, and allegedly we might have had time to have a Pho soup lunch and grab a much needed pair of flatties from Winners!
Tam and Karen

I’m in week 16 now, and luckily I am slowly coming out of the nausea and exhausted fog. It returns occasionally, the trip to Granville Island markets for the first time in months yesterday was pushing it with all the smells, luckily on the way home Mark gave me some bagels and the nausea passed. I caught up with my friend Alyssa yesterday afternoon for a much needed facial, Mark’s brother Paul had given me a Skoah voucher, which is Canadian for ‘Heavenly Facials’, or at least I think it is.

This week I definitely noticed my stomach is getting big, it is now noticeable when I sit down. It still looks chubby more than a baby bump, but they say that comes with time.

Hope all is well!


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