The Smith Abgrall wedding

Last week was fabulous at Mont Tremblant, a gorgeous ski resort in French-Canadian Quebec. It was lovely and snowy, the lake (‘lac’) was frozen solid, so weird to look at, but goregous. Our hotel was across the lake from the ski resort, so we had a fabulous view from our one bedroom suite.

View from our room across ‘Lac Tremblant’ with ski resort in background.

It was a great week, even though I was a bit sad that I wasn’t skiing, Morley and I still had a great time, and we had some ‘Zach’ time, my 11 month old nephew is absolutely adorable, I am a bit smitten.

Kim and Zach, the cutie.

It was also a great time to catch up with Vicki and Paul, and their two kids, Declan (4 years) and Emily (11 months), who are both adorable. Declan loves anything Spiderman, and does the hand signals to shoot spiderweb fluid out of his hands, which looked remarkably like the sign of heavy metal bands, especially when he was doing it at the church! Emily is very sweet and cute, a proper little lady.

Tammy, Janet, Paul (Mark’s brother, 18 months younger) and Emily

And of course, as promised for the last 30 odd years, the Smith’s sang the ‘Nammy Nur Nur’ song at Tam’s wedding. This is a song they used to all sing to her when she was a one year old, so the lyrics do depict this ‘Nur Nur Nammy Nur Nur, Nur Nur Nammy Nu’ or something like that, but it was terribly cute at the wedding.
Smith’s singing the ‘Nammy Nur Nur’ song
Mark, Janet, Morley and Karen

Janni and Kazzi

Mark and Karen

The Happy Couple, Pat and Tam, in their wedding dance. Pat looked superb with the top hat, cane and brogue shoes.

… and just so you can see what I look like at 20 weeks, the Doctor says I am going well for weight gain, not too much, yet. But it still looks like a Greenpeace alert (beached whale).
Also – we had our 20 week ultrasound this week, and the baby had it’s legs crossed, so the technician couldn’t say for sure what the sex was, she thought it might be a girl, but was not sure. So it looks like it will be a surprise!

CONGRATULATIONS to our friends Yolanda and Derek, who had a boy this week, Mason Gordon. All is well, and they are enjoying he sunshine in Whistler.


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