May Long Weekend

May Long Weekend Mark and I made the trek out to Ontario, to enjoy the opening of the cottage for the summer season. It was a chilly 10 degrees, snow was forecast but luckily never arrived.
Pat and Pepe taking a break

We were very lucky with the timing as cousin Ben and Alana had been trekking across the country in their van, and met up with us which was really nice.
Cousin Ben
Alana and Karen

All the family made it, including Mark’s brother Paul and wife Vicky, with their two kids Declan and Emily. Mark’s next brother Stuart and wife Kim, with Zachary, and the newlyweds Tam and Pat. Monica was also lucky enough to join the gang, Zach’s Bubbe, Kim’s mum.
Declan, Paul, Emily
Vicki and Emily

The weather wasn’t the greatest, it was cold and wet some of the time, but it was a relaxing break.
Kim and Zachary

On Sunday the sister in laws threw me a baby shower, which was a lot of fun. We played some great games like present bingo, guess the nursery rhymes, and how big is Karen’s belly – where everyone had to cut a piece of wool and guess the circumference of my belly!


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