Lovin’ Maternity Leave….

Yes I am now on maternity leave, and LOVING IT!!

There were a few stresses on my last day, but after a few extra days I am now relaxing, catching up on some quality reading/TV time, setting up the nursery and spending some time with the kitties. Plus – it’s actually quite hot here in Vancouver, we are having a ‘heat wave’ of 25-30 degree days for this week, and humid for a change. So, I have been spending some time at the local outdoor pool – here is a photo of Kitsilano public pool.

Kitsilano Pool
The pool is salt water, heated to 25 degrees, and on the edge of the harbour on the south side of the city, with gorgeous northerly views of the city and the mountains, with boats floating by. It’s also 136m long, so that’s more than double the size of an olympic swimming pool. It’s next to Kitsilano Beach, below.

Kitsilano Beach at low tide

A few weeks ago we went for a Lake trip, up to Alice Lake near Squamish. My friends Janelle and Michelle came with me, and Yolanda and Mason met us there from Whistler, as it’s half way for both of us.

Janelle at Alice Lake

Yolanda and Mason at the lake

Last Friday a girlfriend Jen and I went shopping for baby essentials – sleepers, blankets, sheets, creams etc. with her 6 week old girl Addison, who slept nicely in her baby bjorn the whole time. On my first day of maternity leave I was lucky to find the perfect crib, dresser, change table and glider chair on craigslist.ca, a second hand for sale website, similar to ebay, except you go and pick up the stuff and pay cash to the seller. It’s really good.

Yesterday Emily and I threw a baby shower for Leah, she is due in October, it was a lot of fun.

Leah’s Baby Shower – she looks a lot like Halle Berry!!

Well I am off to the pool now to cool off, at 37 weeks it’s really too hot…


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