Maternity Leave

Well I am now on maternity leave and loving it!! I didn’t realise how stressful it was at work for a pregnant one, and have been feeling a lot better since leaving as well. Still some nausea in the evenings, but not as bad, and I can even eat some meat if Mark cooks it on the BBQ now, as long as I don’t smell it cooking. Here is a photo of me 2 weeks ago, the baby is growing, as is my belly, but luckily I’m not putting on any more weight, which is great.

Mark has been busy as well, putting furniture together, moving stuff around and helping me sort through our stuff.

Bruce helping me sort through and wash clothes, Sheila enjoying her crib!

Sheila about to pounce on the mobile, the tin foil has now kept her out of the crib.

My friend Alyssa when I went over for lunch

The countdown is on, I am estimating it to go past the due date (this Sunday, August 16th) by a few days. I’m ok with that as I am quite enjoying my chill out time.


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