Jessica now 4 weeks old!

Yep – it does seem to be flying by, Jessica Rose is now 4 weeks old, and weighs 9 pounds. At birth she was above average weight at 7 pounds 12 oz (50-75th percentile), but her head circumference and length were bot at the 95th percentile – which means they are larger than 95% of babies born! So we definitely think she’ll be a 6ft tennis player or basketballer or fast bowler, or if maybe a hockey player.

We have had a great time, with Janet (Mark’s mum) helping out tremendously for the first two weeks, then coming out again at the end of next week to be our nurse/housecleaning slave, we really appreciate her helping out.

GJ (Grandma Janet) settling Jess

The first 4 weeks have been a lot of fun, Jessie is now looking around and following us with her eyes, and doing lots of smiles, plus yesterday morning we saw her do her first giggle. Although Jessie is the perfect baby, hardly cries, feeds really well, sleeps normally, Mark and I are finding it exhausting. I think I have had some of the Baby Blues, and the sleep deprivation is really taxing, sometimes I am getting 30 mins – 1 hour sleeps at night between hourly feeds, as she is forever hungry, luckily I have lots of milk.

Our little Cherub and her big Applecheeks cloth diaper!

We were lucky enough to have Mark’s cousin Wendy and her husband Duane, 4 yr old son Maverick, and 10 month old bruiser Hunter visit us from Edmonton, and her sister Melody who now lives not far from us in Vancouver.

Jess, Wendy, Hunter, Melody, Maverick

Yolanda and Mason, our friends from Whistler, came down for a visit too, it was great seeing them, Mason is now 5 months old and a real cutie.

Mason, Yolanda, Jess and Mark

I had some fun the other night, we went to Granville Island markets and I got all the things I had missed during the pregnancy – Beer, Maple Smoked Salmon, Brie and Pate!


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