Home for Halloween!

Yes I have been quite delinquent in updating the blog, but I have a good reason, Jess and I spent the last 3 weeks in Ontario with Mark’s family. Mark was called to work up north for 3 weeks at a mine up past Williams Lake, so Jess and I went back to Toronto with Janet on Oct 3rd, and came back on Oct 22nd, once Mark was home. We had an absolutely fabulous time, it was great introducing Jessica to the family, and the Thanksgiving weekend was just amazing up at the cottage with the peak of the leaves turning their lovely Autumn colours.
Stuart took me up for a joy flight in his Cessna

12 Mile Lake from the air in the Autumn

We made it to the Christian family Thanksgiving – probably 50 family members, with 2 deep fried large turkeys, we rented out the local fire hall.

We took in a lovely walk at the Gull River, whitewater course.

Morley at the Gull River

Jessica and I at the Gull River, Minden, Ontario

We borrowed Vicky and Paul’s Bugaboo stroller on the left, and Janet still has her ‘carriage’ from when the kids were young on the right.

Jessie happy in the carriage

Jessie now smiles and giggles quite a lot.

Vicky and I escaped for a civilised lunch with Emily and Jessie in Toronto.

Mummy’s little angel asleep in the bugaboo, and looking very cute in Janet’s hand knitted cardigan and hat.

Isn’t she just a cherub??? Yes we are using cloth diapers, that give her a ‘junk in her trunk’ look.


Now only 1 week and 2 days until Mum arrives on Nov 11th!!! Which means it’s only 3 weeks until Jessie and I go back for a holiday in Australia with Mum!


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