Our trip to OZ

Hello and apologies for not blogging over the past two months, but we have been on our trip to the homeland. We had the most wonderful time, with Jessie’s christening, catching up with family, friends, sailing and the beaches!

Mum and Dad were kind enough to have Jessie and I for 7 weeks, and Mark for 4 weeks, and we loved seeing Jess give them giggles, even when we were trying to settle her down. The first few weeks were spent settling her into life in Arcadia, getting her on a good schedule, and she loved our ‘Elizabeth Bennett’ strolls around the grounds. For those who have not been there, Mum and Dad live 50km out from Sydney, on a 5 acre hobby farm. It was nice arriving there as ‘Wally’ the Wallaby (smaller type of kangaroo) was welcoming us in the paddock, then he was also there when we were leaving. ‘Larry’ and ‘Garry’ the lace monitor lizards (6ft long, similar to a goanna) made appearances most days around the place, looking for food scraps or eggs.
Jessie’s first tractor ride
The weather was quite hot, with three days at 40-41 degrees celsius, but Jessie coped well, although she slept in the Jesus on the cross pose when it was just too hot. Also, I had a nap one afternoon while mum and dad looked after her, and I awoke to find Dad bathing her in the kitchen sink, all smiles, it was very cute.

Jess when it’s just too hot doing the ‘Jesus on the cross’ pose

Dad bathing Jess in the new kitchen
She got a few mozzie bites the first few nights, so we went and got her a mosquito net for her cot/crib.

Aunty Jenny, or Godmummy Jenny, was allowed lots of smooch time

Mum and I had fun dressing her up for Christmas

Jessie loved her first photo with Santa

Tummy Time was lots of fun with her ‘Razzle Dazzle’ lazy susan
We were lucky enough to have Morley, Mark’s Dad, come out and visit for the Christening.

The pool helped on the hot days, Jessie liked the shallow end

She also liked her first swim at the beach

Christmas Day was a lot of fun with the Donnelly clan, silly hats, bon bons, good food (delicious seafood) and great wine made the day a treat.

Boxing Day was spent on the harbour, of course, watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race with our friends Mark, Shelly and Jorja from McConaghy Boats.

Uncle Tim had fun with Jess down at Moruya, at Warwicks beach house.

The water was gorgeous at Moruya, Jessie liked going for walks in the Baby Bjorn carrier

The family going for a beach walk

Mark, Megan, Noel, Jules, Karen, Jess, Warwick, Tim at Moruya

Other highlights included catching up with a ton of friends, and of course enjoying the best of the summer fruits, vegies and lovely wines. The beaches were of course spectacular, and we swam at the northern beaches and went up to the Central Coast, to Terrigal and Pearl Beach for a night.

Unfortunately it all had to end, but the trip was definitely a lot of fun.

We had sad news coming home, our cat Sheila had passed away at the cattery. When we picked up Bruce he was quite out of sorts, he came home and immediately looked into every room to see if she was there, but of course, no.


Goodbye Sheila

Luckily for us Vancouver has had a mild winter, but it’s not great news for the winter Olympics, as there is not a lot of snow on the local mountains.


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