Olympic Fever

Well, we have been on a wild Olympic ride, shared with Janet and Morley, over the past few weeks. We are very lucky to have now lived through two Olympics in our city, first Sydney, now Vancouver. The Winter Olympics were just amazing, the whole town was just buzzing with excitement and everyone was getting into it, including us, with the Go Canada theme. Canada did very well, with 14 Gold Medals, the most any country has ever been awarded in the Winter Games, and came third overall on total medal count.

Go Canada!

Janet and Morley in their ‘Go Canada’ gear
Actually I was going for Australia too, which did very well with two gold medals, same as France and Czech Republic, and more than Great Britain, Italy, Japan and Finland.

A week before Morley and Janet were coming over Mark got assigned to work up in Likely, BC, for three weeks starting before the Olympics, so he wouldn’t be here for any of it. This was definitely a bummer for us, so we decided to go up to stay in Likely for three days, so they could see Mark. Likely was very nice, Mark gave us a tour of the mine he is working at. The other day we spent at the log cabin on the lake that Mark was staying at.

Karen and Jess with her ear muffs, on the small plane to Likely

Morley, Janet and Jess outside Mark’s lovely cabin on Quesnel Lake

The Olympics were a lot of fun, we made it to three (ice) hockey games – mens Sweden vs Germany, then women’s USA vs Finland and China vs Slovakia. Jess came to all, and we loved them, they were very exciting, I still think that hockey is the most exciting spectator sport. For the last one, Leah and Maegan came on Mark’s ticket, so that was a lot of fun to have two babies there.

Maegan and Jess got a shot on the big screen as they are just so darn cute!

During the Olympics we had a fabulous day walking around town, from Robson St where all the action is, to the Olympic cauldron, Stanley Park to English Bay, across Burrard Bridge and home. We were lucky we had about 5 days of just glorious sunshine right in the middle of the Olympics, then back to overcast and rain.

Morley, Jess and I at the Inukshuk at English Bay

Jess and I went back up to Likely to the cabin on the lake for Mark’s last week up there, and are now back in the city with him. It is gorgeous up there but very remote, no shops or Starbucks to go to or people to interact with. We went for small little walks around the cabin and lake, I didn’t want to venture too far as there are cougars around (they eat people) and grizzlies (they eat people) and black bears (they are cute but can attack if provoked). The people up there are hillbilly/mountain folk, they love huntin’ n’ fishin’.

Jessie update
Jessica is now 6 1/2 months old, and a lot of fun. She is a very smiley and interactive baby, who likes to talk and tell you all about it.

She started rolling at 3 months, and is now doing multiple rolls across the floor and shimmying on her stomach, pushing with her feet, to get where she wants to go. She can go up on all fours and rock back and forth, just like she is about to crawl.

Jessie is now on rice cereal, pureed apple and pear, bananas and yoghurt, as well as breastfeeding. We tried her on veggies but she just wouldn’t touch them, she really hated them – avocado, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, carrot. So we’ll stick with fruit and yoghurt for now, and then introduce veggies again in a few weeks.

Jess is now 69cm long, which is in the 95th percentile (she is longer than 95% of all babies for her age) but is 15 pounds/7kg, which is 25th percentile, which means she is long and lean. We are trying to feed her up some more as we would like her to return to her 50th percentile band, which she has been in up until now.

She is pretty good at sleeping, with 3 naps a day, lasting 30 mins – 1 hour normally, and wakes up 1-2 times a night, which is not too bad.

I’ve also joined back with Weight Watchers, they have waived the fees as I am a lifetime member, so have lost 9.4 pounds now, 4.3kg, and have quite a bit more to go.


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