Jessica now at 10 months old!

Jess is just getting cuter and more fun with each month and milestone. She is now a speedy crawler, and cruises effortlessly along the furniture, stands up by herself, claps her hands and is just a bundle of joy. We are very lucky that she is a happy, smiley baby, and goes to anyone, it’s pretty funny when we are walking along and she waves at people and says ‘Hi’.

Jessie liked her blueberry smoothie

She is also a fast crawler

Hello! For more of this see her Penguin You Tube clip click here.

In June we were fortunate enough to have cousin Jelita and Kenny come for a visit, on their way to NYC and Boston. We had a great time with them, going up to Whistler, and having a BBQ here.

Kenny, Jelita, Jessica and Karen

Snuggly baby

Jess playing tug of war with Lou Lou click here for video

Jessie and Liam at the park

Dad and Jess having a great time blowing bubbles. Click here for video.


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