A fantastic 2010 in review

Well, it’s New Year’s Day and my resolution is to update the blog way more often. 2010 has been a wonderful year for us, watching Jessica develop into a cute little girl is definitely the highlight.

Jessica is now 16 months old, and growing like a weed, as they do. She is walking and running around, loves all animals, dollies, stories and outside adventures. Her favourite foods change often, from raspberries and kiwi fruit to vegimite toast, smoked salmon, pate, banana bread, beef stroganoff etc. She is good at trying new foods, the only one she hasn’t liked is blueberries, like her father. We would like her to eat more quantities of everything, but at least she does eat most foods. She has just changed to a one nap day, goes down at 12pm for usually 1-2 hours, and sleeps from 7:30pm to 7am, unless she is sick. Unfortunately she has had more than her fair share of colds, coughs, chest infections, fevers and now she is recovering from a 36 hour stomach bug, which unfortunately Mark is sharing too. Her favourite toys are her dolls, her lion, anything she can push, and climbing into draws. Storytime is a hit, she loves lots of stories, and has about 5 before she goes down to nap or sleep. Her favourite books change, from animal picture books to Spot, Ted falling out of Bed, Wombat Divine, Babies, 10 Fingers and Toes etc.

Mark is doing well, loving fatherhood, and luckily hasn’t been posted off site much lately. Over the summer he spent a lot of time in Alaska and northern BC, but hasn’t been away in the last 3 months which is great. He is scheduled to go to Mt Milligan mine in northern BC for 4 weeks at the end of January, it may be a 4 week rotation for a few months, but plans (if we do have them) change daily.

I am doing well, loving motherhood, and my time with Jessica as she learns and discovers new things daily. Life is always busy with a kid, but we love every minute of it. I went back to work full time in September at the Mark Anthony Group, back to a similar role, Senior Brand Manager – VQA wines, and liked the role but missed Jess too much, so after 5 weeks I was very lucky and they agreed to let me work part time, 2 days a week. Also I have two girl friends with kids that come over and babysit Jess one day each, so we are very grateful with that too. When she is sick Mark and I take turns staying home with her, depending on our schedules.

The summer was nice here, always too short, but July and August were nice. We had quite a few picnics in various parks with friends, and even a paddling pool party!

Jess stealing Liam’s crackers, with Trish laughing along.

Jess is a smiley girl and likes sushi

Jess and Karen at Jody’s Aunt’s pool party

Leah and Maegan, Jody and Angus at the pool party

Jessica had a fantastic 1st birthday party in the park on Granville Island, we were very fortunate with the whole Deane clan coming down from Whistler for it.

Jess, Liam and Maegan on the presents

Jessie looking quite pretty in her dress from GJ

Jessie liked her bear cake that I made for her, from Womens Weekly of course!

The Deane’s girls were a great help!

Dad, Jessie and Mum

In August Jessie and I were lucky enough to have nearly 3 weeks at the cottage with the Smith’s, we went waterskiing, swimming, reading, happy hour on the dock and I even had a visit from our friend Janelle, who now lives near Toronto.

Stu, Leah, Jess, Janet, Kim and Jordyn in the boat on 12 Mile Lake

Jess and Karen swimming in the lake

Jess loved the bouncing castle at the Smith’s family party

Hard life on the dock! Georgia Ball, Jess, Robin, Karen and Jess Iacurti

Jess loved the boat rides!

Grampsie had some fun times with Jessie

Tam and Jess with Kim’s cupcakes celebrating Jess’s 1st Birthday

The Smith cousin’s – Kim with Jordyn, Zach, Emily, Declan, Jess, Paul with William

We also had some other adventures, in September we went for a walk around Cypress, it was really nice.


We went for a walk at Spanish Banks, looking back at the city.

Leah taking the two munchkins on a walk – she often gets asked if they are twins!!

Jess in her Halloween outfit

Jess loves sitting in the wooden salad bowl – I guess we can’t knock it until we try it!

We had a nice Thanksgiving Dinner at our place with Leah, Jonathan and Maegan.

Her MEC Fleece bunting suit has been well used, about everyday since Sept

In Oct/Nov Jessie and I were able to go to Australia for three weeks, we had a great time hanging out with Granny and Grandpa, lots of time with Godmummy Jenny and also some time with Warwick and Noel, Tim and Heather down at the Moruya beach house.

Dad learnt fast that all the girls were happy when he shared his breakfast with Jess.

Jess loved pushing dollies in the stroller up and down the driveway with Granny.

She also loved ‘helping’ Granny put out the washing

The paddling pool was a big hit

Jess found a new seat!

Fagan Park was a hit!

We all loved Mona Vale Beach, Granny, Jessie and Jenny

Jess liked the “Hop Hops” at Koala Park

Jess liked patting the koala

We even gave her a perm at Jenny’s salon!

Tim and Heather liked the new curls on Jess

Granny also liked the new curls

Grandpa and Jess at Moruya

A lunch fit for a King! Deutz bubbly, prawns, oysters and sashimi… mmmm!
(Karen, Warwick, Noel, Heather, Emma, Jess and Uncle Tim)
Back home again, Jess got very excited at Mark’s work Christmas Kid’s party when she saw Santa

Jess liked playing in our first snowfall.

Opening her dolly Christmas Morning

She likes her new Huggie Bear

A Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 to all!


Mark, Karen & Jessica


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